Meet Tory & Teri

Tory Smith

Tory has a passion for coaching and teaching people the ‘Right Way’ of doing things.  Whether it is sports, sales or even counseling, his heart is always in it!

Most of his clients deal with stressful marriages, self-esteem issues and lack of trust towards others.  When his clients are finished with their sessions, they are more comfortable, confident and loving towards their spouse. 

His counseling techniques are effective as he gives practical solutions emanating from God’s Word.  He views therapy as a collaborative, supportive and empathetic journey that can help tune into your own authentic self, helps you to develop attainable goals and to work toward sustainable and meaningful change in your marriage as well as other relationships.

When Tory is not counseling, he enjoys several passions that he actively pursues such as singing, mentoring and sports.


He is an active church member, a leader in the Men's Ministry, Sr. Marriage Ministry Leader and Choir member.

Tory is the host of Manhood Moments, a live, interactive segment hosted on Facebook Live at @i4evrwill.  This platform allows him to provide a monthly, uplifting message to encourage and build Kingdom Men for God's Kingdom.  

He is also a co-host, with his wife on Love In Black Radio with Tory & Teri which airs on and is simulcast on Facebook Live at i4evrwill & @loveinblack each Tuesday night at 9:00 PM CST.

Tory & Teri also the hosts of Love In Black TV with Tory & Teri.  It airs on Friday nights on various platforms, but you can watch it on Facebook at @loveinblack.

Tory is a nationally Board Certified Christian Counselor.

Teri Smith

Teri Lynn Smith is a God-fearing woman and a true inspiration to all women.

Teri was born and raised in Berkeley, CA and throughout her career, she has accomplished so much. She has studied her passion/Purpose ~ Behavioral Health Science & Business Management, Crisis Prevention, and Substance Abuse Prevention.

Some of Teri’s career highlights encompass speaking at God’s Women’s Conference alongside well known Dynamic speakers, i.e. Charlene Singleton, Paula White, Juanita Bynum and others.  She also partnered with Dr. Juliana Hynes-King in hosting the ‘Women Walking on Purpose’ tour.

Teri is very dedicated to using her platform to encourage others to keep GOD first, while pressing to live healthy, truthful and spiritual lives.  She is a hardworking mother and loving wife to her husband Tory Smith.  They have a total of six kids, four girls, two boys and two grandsons.  Together they have a combined total of over 37 years of marriage experience.

Teri & Tory currently reside in Houston, TX where they counsel and share their wisdom with married/engaged couples on what it takes to lead a Joy-filled, Covenant Life in Christ and how to lead a productive Christian Life that will produce a manifestation of a thriving, Purpose-driven, loving Marriage.

Some of the values and teachings that Teri models and inspires others to follow enables couples to maintain a fruitful, joy-filled marriage all  while honoring GOD’s way over their own and being empathetic and loving towards their spouse while listening and being supportive. 

Teri remains humble in her belief that, it is imperative that one must be just as open to learning as they are to teaching.

Teri is a National Board Certified Christian Counselor.


 I Forever Will Christian Marriage Counseling empowers married and engaged couples in following God’s foundation of marriage.  


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