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Tory and Teri Lynn Smith are Nationally Board Certified Christian Marriage Counselors and the founders of ‘I Forever Will Christian Marriage Counseling, LLC’ 

IFW is a private practice dedicated to providing marriage and relationship counseling services to couples in need, as well as, individual counseling services.

IFW helps builds solid marriages and relationships in part, by helping you establish healthy communication, emotional connectivity having God as the foundation of your relationship.  We also help you recognize and release the negative emotions that are getting in the way of your marriage.  


Additionally, we incorporate multiple therapy options such as the Gottman approach; Emotion-focused Therapy (EFT) and Behavioral Couple Therapy (BCT) to ensure your relationship/marital success!


IFW's award winning show, Love In Black with Tory & Teri is Houston's Hottest marriage and relationship radio/TV talk show.  Since 2018, the shows have focused on in-depth discussions of positive love, dating and relationship topics! 

The ‘Black’ in 'Love In Black' is a financial metaphor for 'Keeping your love in the positive!'
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