Tory and Teri Smith aren’t your average married couple. Many husbands and wives share a hobby or enjoy bonding over dinner and a glass of wine, however, the Smith’s have taken marital bonding to another level. In addition to the love that they share for one another, they also share a passion for helping others.


Tory and Teri are Nationally Board Certified Christian Marriage Counselors and the founders of ‘I Forever Will Christian Marriage Counseling’ (IFW). IFW is a private practice dedicated to providing marriage and relationship counseling services to couples in need, as well as, individual counseling services.


Tory prides himself in his ability to bridge together his passion for coaching and teaching young men while providing his clients with practical solutions and attainable goals toward making progress in the right direction.


Teri brings her experience as a motivational speaker and her love for inspiring young women to the business by encouraging clients to keep GOD first, while pressing to live healthy, truthful, and spiritual purpose-driven lives.


The amount of dedication and love that’s poured into each and every one of their clients is like no other. 

Since 2016, Tory & Teri Smith have been helping couples to take control when their marriage begins to suffer. 


They help couples with effective communication, fighting fair, tackling the core issues-not each other, and many other techniques of problem solving within their marriage or relationship challenges.



Not only are Tory and Teri marriage/relationship counselors, but they’ve also significantly developed and expanded their passion for improving relationships globally. They are the hosts of the television and radio talk show titled, “Love In BLACK w/ Tory & Teri.”


Their show focuses on cultivating Positive Love Conversations, which means that your love is always in the positive. No topics are off limits as they discuss marital relationships, as well as give advice for singles and new relationships.


You can catch up on current and upcoming episodes of “Love In Black with Tory and Teri “on Apple Music, Spotify, and iHeart Radio. If you’d like to watch a live episode of their show, you can connect with Tory and Teri by following Love In Black with Tory and Teri on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.