Not only are Tory and Teri marriage counselors, but they’ve also significantly developed and expanded their passion for improving relationships globally. They are the hosts of television and radio talk show titled, “Love In BLACK w/ Tory & Teri.”


Their show focuses on cultivating Positive Love Conversations, which means that your love is always in the positive. No topics are off limits as they discuss marital relationships, as well as, advice for singles. You can catch up on current and upcoming episodes of “Love In BLACK w/Tory & Teri “on Apple Music, Spotify, and iHeart Radio. If you’d like to watch a live episode of their show, you can connect with Tory and Teri by following Love In BLACK w/ Tory & Teri on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you or someone that know are interested in counseling services, please contact ifwcmc1@gmail.com!

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